IT in Health

The voice of Canada’s ICT industry to the healthcare sector.

Representing more than 120 Canadian ICT companies that are actively involved in the health sector, ITAC Health promotes the role its members can play in establishing the Canadian healthcare industry as a global leader. ITAC Health serves its members as a collective voice to healthcare professionals, government representatives, researchers, and healthcare consumers, and as a conduit for those stake-holders to leverage the members’ ability to facilitate the Canadian healthcare system as a “model of excellence” for healthcare systems around the world. Through collaboration, ITAC Health and its members work with healthcare stakeholders to improve the health of Canadians and the efficiency of the Canadian healthcare system through the implementation of information and communications technologies.

ITAC Health membership provides a unique opportunity for ongoing industry “intelligence” for any small to medium size enterprise, major Canadian company or multi–national firm that provides products and services to the Canadian Healthcare ICT Sector.


The Canadian Reception @ HIMSS 2013

HIMSS 2013


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