ITAC Health Advocacy Comittee

Wednesday, May 16 - 2018
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Via Webinar

Advocacy Committee Reoccurring Scheduled  meetings

Co-Chairs: David Thomas (TELUS Health)  and Robert Lazar (B Sharp)

Scheduled meetings:  September 20, 2017, October 18, 2017, November 15, 2017, December 20, 2017, January 17, 2018, February 21, 2018, March 21, 2018, April 18, 2018 & May 16, 2018

Mandate To promote investment in health ICT and represent the interests of the Canadian health ICT industry to government, key decision makers and opinion leaders.

  • Execute on specific advocacy activities to promote the interest of the broader membership aligned to the priorities identified in the strategic plan.
  • Meet one-on-one with Ministers of Health (Federal and Provincial) to promote investment in health ICT.
  • Support the provincial Ministers of Health through collaboration and information sharing with other Ministers, government officials, decision-makers and opinion leaders to promote the ITAC Health’s priorities.
  • Open up channels for dialogue between senior public servants, decision-makers in the broader health sector (e.g. regional CEO’s and CIO’s), opinion leaders (e.g. medical and hospital associations), and the Health ICT industry
  • Organize opportunities for the membership to engage directly with key decision makers and politicians (e.g. Queen’s Park Days, Provincial eHealth Briefings etc.)

2017-2018 Objectives:

Effectively influence public policy

  • Deliver ‘Queen’s Park Day’ style events in BC, AB and ON – others
  • Target advocacy work on advancing the adoption of ITAC Health’s priority innovative technologies:
    • Virtual Care
    • Cloud Computing
    • Advanced Analytics/AI/ML
    • Consumer Health
    • IOT/Mobility
  • Create ITAC Health positions on each of the five areas. Positions could over areas such as: patient/provider/system benefits, ROI, facts/myths, practical steps, blockers, recommendations etc.

Identify policy blockers and barriers and address at political and senior decision-making levels.

Improve public & private sector procurement

  • Continued work of the Procurement Taskforce to collaborate with the Public Sector to seek methods of procurement innovation.
  • Develop ITAC Health positions on large-scale EMR refresh strategies and procurement – having a large scale view point
  • Collaboration with Advocacy committee to elevate the procurement conversation to political layers.Measurement:
  • Identify influence plan (metric: documented strategy)
  • Execute on stated influence activity (metrics: # of sr.-level meetings, completion of “Queen’s Park Days”)
  • Creation of position papers (metrics: # of papers)
  • Influence outcomes – when possible to report on the how the activities of the committee actually moved the needle on policy decisions

ITAC Health Advocacy Themes 

Contact is: Elaine Huesing, Executive Director, ITAC Health

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